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Innovating Crowdfunding Platforms

C3Financing provides crowdfunding operators the technology needed to deploy a site(s) the way they need it and without all the hassles of handling the financial transactions and constantly evolving regulations.

C3Financing was formed because of a software vacuum in the crowdfunding area. In partnership with platform operator, we discovered the lack of crowdfunding software available that was highly customizable and adaptable to the broad range of opportunities existing in the market. C3Financing began the development of its software in 2014 with the intent of architecting a platform that could handle both securities and non-securities offers. Operating a crowdfunding site that will handle non-profit fund raising, rewards, pre-sale, equity, debt... (or all of the above) should be easy to implement within a single platform. And that is what C3Financing has done!

Please give us a call or contact us via email for more information on how C3Financing can provide you with the software for your crowdfunding platform.